Why Hire Me As Your SEO Consultant

Still waiting for online customers to find you?

A website is useless without a targeted SEO campaign. Stop waiting for customers to find you online–let me bring them to you with Google’s best real estate: Page 1.benefits of seo

I’m a competitive SEO with one goal: to make you more money.

And if your website’s lost on Google’s second page, you’re missing out on 94.5% of all your customers.

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on design–if your site has been built by a web designer without a background in Search Engine Optimization, then your customers won’t find you.

As Google’s front page becomes more competitive, as more businesses understand the need for SEO and hire capable search engine optimization specialists, your business risks being left behind.

If you offer drug addiction counseling in Austin, you can’t risk settling for page 2 when someone searches ‘Austin counseling’. Investing today in competent and competitive Search Engine Marketing specialists is the best marketing move your company can make.

Benefits of an SEO Consultant: Reach Your Future Clients

Back in the dark days of Yellow Page Advertising–wait, your company doesn’t advertise in the Yellow Pages anymore, right?–your business had to compete against dozens of others for precious eyeballs.

If you didn’t take out a large enough ad, with the right color, popping text, catchy copy–well, you didn’t receive a satisfying ROI.

In some ways, things are easier today: In reality, you’re only competing for eyeballs against 10 businesses. Why? That’s how many listings are on Google’s front page.

And if you aren’t currently on the front page, you aren’t currently competing.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get there!

I Can Get You There – Here’s Why

page 1 rankings

I began search engine marketing four years ago as an affiliate marketer. Over the last few years, I’ve developed numerous, online brands from scratch and become one of the top affiliate marketers in the Outdoor Industry.

In 2010, my affiliate marketing company sent over $300,000 in sales to leaders in the Outdoor Industry, including REI & Backcountry.com. In both 2011 & 2012, they sent over $500,000 in sales.

Getting to Google’s front page requires an SEO dedicated to helping your business make more money. I live to compete against your competitors. To bring you from Page 3 to the top of Page 1. To bring in targeted traffic that converts and makes you more money.

To keep you relevant and competing in an uncertain economy.

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