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SiteInsight: Affordable Website Audits

For far too long, hiring an SEO consultant has been prohibitively expensive for the small guys and gals.

For those that have a great website but aren’t making any money from it.

For those who were like me 4 years ago, not knowing if this ‘website thing’ was ever going to work.

For those who worked late nights and early mornings and weekends and every time in between. desperately squeezing in the extra hour wherever possible.

For the small business owner, struggling to get traffic to their website. For the businesses who were only using their website as a business card. Only being found by people who already know them.

That’s where my affordable website audits come in.

For a mere $649, I will personally review your website, perform keyword research and give you an action plan ready for you to start implementing. Don’t want to get your hands dirty? Then I’ll implement everything for you for only $1,999 (My implementation is only applicable if your website has less than 200 pages indexed. Tack on $300/100 indexed pages for larger sites).

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Why You Should Get Your Website Reviewed & Audited

Is your website not getting any Google traffic? Are you not converting visitors? Let me get behind the steering wheel and help you understand why your rankings and online sales aren’t taking off.

I’ll dig deep, examining your site’s speed, performance and structure, ensure that it adheres to basic SEO principles, analyze your internal and external linking, keyword selection and much, much more!

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to see in my review of your website:

  • Analysis of your site’s speed, if it’s impacting your ranking and how you can speed it up
  • Keyword research and content suggestions
  • Analysis of your meta titles, descriptions and URL structure — I will pinpoint exactly where your oversights are and how to correct them
  • Suggestions on increasing your website conversions

What’s The Difference Between The Options?

For only $649, I will compile a very detailed report of everything that’s going wrong and right with your website. It will include detailed keyword research and an action plan with clear steps you must execute in order to clear up all the issues with your website.

For $1,999, you will receive everything detailed above, but I will execute everything. This includes rewriting your Titles, Descriptions, executing 301 redirects, creating custom 404 pages, adding goal and event tracking and everything else that must be done to maximize your online presence and get more business through the internet.

Psst — Don’t know what half of that means? That’s OK! The $649 option can still work for you, if you’re willing to invest your time.

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Why You Should Hire Me to Audit Your Website

I’ve been in your shoes. I started from scratch over 5 years ago, knowing nothing about SEO, how to build a website, how to get traffic to it, and how to make money online.

Today, I help businesses get more business online. I also own a network of websites that generate a substantial, passive income for me. And there’s nothing I enjoy more than helping others make money online.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Fortune 500 company or my neighborhood dentist–I can help you generate more business online. And an audit is the most affordable way to do that.

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Reviews of Our Website Audits

We like letting happy clients speak for themselves:

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Click here to order an audit for your website.

Who Is a Site Audit For?

Generally, people who purchase a site audit from me fall into one of three categories:

  1. A small business owner that wants more search engine traffic but cannot afford to hire an SEO for 6 or more months.
  2. A business that doesn’t want a full SEO contract but instead wants a strategy that someone on their team can implement.
  3. A website owner that already makes some passive income online and is looking to dramatically increase their online presence.

Do you fall into one of those categories and want to order an audit? Then click here and let me help you grow your business!

What You’ll Get

Many SEO companies charge thousands of dollars for a website audit. I don’t. My website audit costs $649. If you want me to implement all the changes myself, you’ll only pay $1,999.

Now, please don’t misunderstand what the audit is: I’m not going to just run an automated program, pull a report and email it to you. I’m going to examine your website in-depth. Analyze every page. Discover errors you may have overlooked or didn’t even know were mistakes to begin with.

I will spend many hours examining your site and compiling a detailed report with action steps to show you exactly what you should do and how it will increase your business.

Ready to Get More Online Business?

Then fill out the form below to get started. Afterwards, I’ll send you an invoice for the DIY implementation ($649) or the ‘Hire Perry’ implementation (two invoices for $999.50 each) and I’ll get started.

The audit typically takes 2-4 weeks from start to finish. If you have any other questions, please email me or give me a ring at 303-578-2046.

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