We've partnered with the best brands, coaches and consultants in the industry to help you fall into cash this fall season. 

Giveaways from industry leading brands

The Fall Into Cash campaign comprised of a month-long event where we provided mental health professionals with the tools and steps to help them make more money in the Fall months. While the campaign is no longer live, you can take a look at the efforts that occured throughout the month of September. 


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Q: Can I enter more than one giveaway?

A: Absolutely! While you cannot WIN more than one giveaway, you will not be penalized for entering more than one campaign.

Q: When will the winners be chosen? 

A: The winner of the AbunDANCE giveaway will be chosen on Friday, September 7th. The winner of the John Clarke giveaway will be chosen on Friday the 15th. The winner of The Zynnyme giveaway will be chosen on the 22nd. The winners of the theraLINK give away, the TherapyNotes giveaway and the Brighter Vision giveaway will be chosen on the 29th. 

Q: How do I know if I won?

A: We will be announcing the winners on social media (@BrighterVision) as well as contacting the winner via email. 

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Q: Is there a way to up my chances of winning?

A: Yes, when you click the 'enter to win' button, you will be given instructions on how you can enter your name more than one time.  

Q: What if I already use a service listed above?

A: If you are already using a service listed above, you are eligible for a credit (of what the giveaway is worth) towards that service. For example, if you already have a Brighter Vision website, if you win the Brighter Vision drawing you will still receive one year of Brighter Vision's services free. 

BROUGHT TO YOU BY Brighter Vision - Websites as Unique as Your Practice